The purpose of this investigation was to develop objective pass/fail age-related scores for the Oral Language Sentence Imitation Screening Test (OLSIST). A group of 60 children, ages five years zero months to five years eleven months, served as subjects. The Denver Articulation Screening Exam (DASE), and the Screening Test For Auditory Comprehension of Language (STACL) were used to determine if each child's articulation and receptive language abilities were within normal limits. Each subject's scores on the OLSIST were then compared with his/her score on the CELI to determine the degree of correlation in pass/fail performances on the two tests.

The results of this investigation indicated a strong correlation (.94) between the CELI and the OLSIST. Because of the high correlation found, a Z score was used to determine a cutoff score of seven for the OLSIST. A subject having from zero to seven errors is considered within normal range and requires no further testing. A total of eight or more errors indicates that the subject has failed this screening examination and would require additional testing.

This study indicates that the OLSIST is an efficient and reliable method of screening the expressive language abilities of children ages five years zero months to five years eleven months. The OLSIST yields much the same screening information as the CELI but is more time-efficient.

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