The particular ideas and history of Puritanism in America has been the focus of historians of many different persuasions for diverse purposes. The relationship between Puritanism in England and the evolution of Puritanism in America, as it relates to the history of Anglicanism and American independence has not been a major concern of most historians, however.

The two biographical studies contained in this paper, one of Thomas Morton and one of Sir Edmund Andros, are linked in history on several levels. The superficial similarities between the two men were a contributing factor to the choice of topic in this paper. In a deeper sense, as one studies the similarities and differences between both men, however, a picture of religious and ideological independence emerges, which leads the student of the seventeenth century to wonder how much an influence on American independence the Puritans had. The continuing disagreement as to the true causes behind the American War for Independence arouses curiosity as to whether the roots of this war lay in independence of religious experience or whether or entirely in the mercantilism of the Mother Country.

Secondary sources for this paper were found at the Loma Linda University Library, while primary sources were available at the Huntington Library and the library of the University of California at Riverside, where an emphasis has been made to collect such sources on church history. The information found in these sources enable one to determine, in a small way, at least, how American Puritanism, in relationship to Anglicanism, developed, and what the true causes of the American War for Independence were.

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