This investigation was designed to determine if a shortened or screening form could be developed for use with the Carrow Elicited Language Inventory (CELl) at the first grade level. The sample for this research was comprised of fifty-six children between the ages of 5 years 9 months and 6 years 9 months. The children were chosen according to availability and time factors and came from middle socioeconomic backgrounds.

All subjects were tested with the CELl. After selection of items for the short form, each child's score on the short form was compared with his score on the CELI with the use of two scoring procedures. The first method was the use of the same scoring procedure developed for the CELI. The second method of scoring the short form made use of a simple right or wrong scoring procedure.

The results of this investigation indicated a strong correlation between scores on the CELI and those on the short form for both scoring procedures. However, a stronger correlation did exist for scores on the short form which were gained according to the instructions in the manual for the CELI.

As the CELI set cut-off scores at the lower tenth percentile, it was decided to use this same procedure with the short form which used the right or wrong method of scoring also. A child would not pass the short form using this method of scoring if he missed 5 or more questions. No cut-off scores were set for the short form using the method of scoring patterned after the CELI as it was felt this form was much less efficient.

From the results gained in this study, it is indicated that a shortened form of the CELI could be developed for use with all ages represented on the CELI. One method of approach might be to make use of the same short form that was developed for the first-grade level and use different cut-off points for other ages.

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