Food selection and associated patterns among ethnically diverse adults with binge eating deserves greater attention given binge eating prevalence among ethnic minorities. The aims of this study were to examine meal patterns, location, and food selection during binge episodes in an ethnically diverse sample of adults seeking binge eating treatment. Participants were 29 adults (86% female) with a mean age of 36.5 (SD = 11.2). Participants had an average body mass index of 32.4 (SD = 8.74). Approximately 41% of participants self-identified as Hispanic/Latino. The Eating Disorder Diagnostic Interview (EDDI) was administered to determine binge eating behavior and to obtain descriptions of binge episodes using a standardized assessment measure. Two independent coders conducted qualitative analyses of the binge episode data to identify the meal, location and food items as well as the food groups from which foods were consumed. Due to the high proportion of Latino participants, we also conducted exploratory comparative analysis bewteem [sic] Latino and non-Latino binge eating patterns. We found that binge episodes most frequently occurred in the participants’ homes and with dinner identified as the most common meal for Hispanic participants and lunch as the most common for non- Hispanic participants. We found that binge episodes typically contained starches and cheese followed by cookies, ice-cream, and chips. Mexican food, sweet snacks, and starches were eaten in the largest quantity during binge episodes. Results indicated slight differences in food selection when comparing Latino and non-Latino participants. Future research should address these potential differences and explore the cultural context of food to inform adaptations and increase binge eating treatment efficacy.

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