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With the continued high incidence of paralytic poliomyelitis the crippling after effects of this disease will be seen for many years to come even if the number of new cases gradually decrease as effective immunization techniques are developed. Because of the high incidence of lower extremity involvement and the disproportionately high percentage of anterior tibial paralysis, it is of interest to review the methods of treatment used, in paralytic equinus heretofore and draw lessons from these cases to guide us in the management of future problems.

It is recognized that the isolated instances of paralytic equinus or equino valgus do not present the serious problem of progressive deformity that characterizes paralysis of the calf; but the problems of steppage gait, hammering or cocking up of the toes, gradual development of fixed equinus and the concomitant development of fixed varus or valgus foot deformities are ever present, crippling and important. Most of the published reports on tendon transplants deal either with the entire group of lower extremity transplants or with the various stabilizing operations related to paralytic foot problems in general. It is the purpose of this study to review the treatment of paralytic equinus, assess the results of this treatment and draw pertinent conclusions from the treatment used.


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