Guided abduction has been well accepted in Southern California as an effective method in the initial treatment of congenital hip dislocation. Since 1953, when this procedure was first instituted, no report has been made in the world literature describing its application and the results obtained. One of the purposes of this communication has been to outline the stages in treatment and show some of the results obtained.

The early group of congenital hip dislocations represents a difficult problem. It has been shown as a result of this study that guided abduction is an effective way to control the reduction of the involved femoral head within the acetabulum, and failing this, it sets the stage for the use of other alternate methods such as closed and open reduction.

The finding of localized and generalized changes in the femoral head subsequent to guided abduction, both on the involved side and the contralateral uninvolved hip, indicates that even with guided abduction there is danger of the production of softening of the femoral head with possible permanent effects if proper care is not taken to avert these changes by preventing weight bearing during this period. In most of the cases with minimal to moderate involvement it was noted that with time complete amelioration of the condition occurred.

Careful follow-up is important to care for the subsequent problems arising. It is important to care for any serious condition that might compromise a better result by appropriate correction. The experience in this group has shown that attention to these matters has been a factor in contributing to the good results obtained.

As is well known in dealing with congenital defects, it has been shown again that the earlier treatment is instituted the better are the ultimate results and the fewer the subsequent operations necessary.


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