The purpose of this study was to find out whether the basic concepts of physiology stated in a given list could be demonstrated in the nursing care of a selected patient with a diagnosis of myocardial infarction.

The review of literature aided in the following: choice of a given list of basic concepts of physiology important in the care of the patient with an uncomplicated acute myocardial infarction, formulation of criteria for the selection of the patient, setting up of an outline of aspects of nursing which were expected to be necessary in the case of the selected patient, finding of other available studies in nursing literature which used physiological concepts, and learning physiological facts about myocardial infractions.

A patient meeting the criteria set up was found after four weeks search. Nursing care and observation were continued throughout the patient's hospitalization. Since the infarction experienced by the selected patient was not extensive, his care was comparatively simple. He was visited in his home and again at the physician's office when he was making a return call.

The nursing care measures used for the selected patient were noted. These measures were then studied in conjunction with the basic concepts of physiology in order to find the physiological basis for the nursing care given. The matching with resulted was made with the assistance of the patient's internist and two professors in the field of medical-surgical nursing. It was found that all but one of the concepts in the given list applied to the care given to the selected patient.

Since programs in nursing education and time spent at the bedside are being shortened, it is important to plan carefully the utilization of the time spent with the individual patient in order that adequate learning my be facilitated. And in the light of this study, it was concluded that there are great possibilities for learning found in the study of one selected patient.

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