Cephalometric and dental morphology records were obtained from forty-three contemporary Apache Indian subjects (living at the Stewart Boarding School for Indians, Carson City, Nevada) to study the cranial, facial, skeletal and dentitional patterns and compare discriminately to other contemporary North American Indian groups: Pima, Papago, Mayo and Chamula. Materials on other Indian tribes considered were obtained from studies completed at Loma Linda University. The data obtained from dental morphology analysis of the Apache Indian subjects was com pared to the Mongoloid Master Pattern (1-4) as described by Moorrees (1957).

The contemporary Apache Indian conformed to the Mongoloid Master Pattern for shoveling, low incidences of Carabelli's cusp and the small maxillary central and lateral incisor ratio but deviated from the pat tern in exhibiting only 5 percent of mandibular tori. Descriptive statistical analyses were performed: analysis of variance, t-tests and a stepwise discriminant function analysis, the latter proving to be the most useful. Results indicated small differences between contemporary North American Indian tribes studied. These statistical differences established computer sensitivity for discrimination between the different tribes. The Apache Indian was found to be significantly different from the Papago and Pima in a number of dental and facial characteristics.


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