An experimental research study was conducted on eighty-four patients in one part-pay clinic. The study was guided by the null hypothesis which stated that the patient who receives specific written information before the sigmoidoscopic exam reports the same discomfort as the patient who has not had this information. The purpose of the study was to compare the discomfort experienced by patients who received specific information about this examination with the discomfort; of patients who had not had this information. An instruction and information sheet was prepared to give the patient an idea of what to expect during the examination. A checklist was developed to assess the amount of discomfort experienced by the patient during the sigmoidoscopy. The patients were divided into two groups. The control group consisted of the first 42 patients who met the Study criteria and received brief routine verbal instructions. The experimental group consisted of the next 42 patients who met the Study criteria and received the prepared written instruction and information sheet. Following the sigmoidoscopic examination each patient in the study reported the amount Of discomfort experienced on the checklist. The T-test findings showed that patients in the control group experienced more discomfort than those in the experimental group. The findings also seemed to indicate that: 1) all age groups experienced less discomfort when they received written information; 2) both men and women experienced less discomfort when they received written information; 3) Negro-Americans and Anglo-Americans experienced less discomfort with written information but that Spanish-Americans experienced more discomfort with written information. It was concluded that written information lessened discomfort symptoms patients experienced during the sigmoidoscopic examination.

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