This investigation was designed to serve as a research project directed toward the study of histopathological response of human teeth to the intentional implantation of threaded, stainless steel, gold plated pins into the vital pulp.

Pins of several types are currently used in several aspects of restorative and periodontal dentistry. In some cases there may be unintentional perforation of the dental pulp. In other cases it may be advantageous to purposely perforate the pulp for added retention. The purpose of this research is to help determine the reaction, possibilities, and prognosis of such technique.

Human teeth selected for experimental and control groups were those recommended for extraction in the treatment plans for orthodontics or prosthodontics. The teeth, being relatively free of fillings and caries, were as normal as possible. The patients who teeth were to be utilized were reasonably healthy, psychologically adjusted individuals.

A clinical and x-ray examination of the teeth followed. A local anesthetic was administered at at the time of pin implantation. The pin was placed into a hole established in the axial wall of a class V preparation, then the cavity was sealed with dental cement.

After varying periods of time, both experimental and control teeth were extracted. All teeth were decalcified and microscope slides prepared so that the histology of the pulp could be studied and compared.

Clinical, as well as histopathological data, was recorded and compiled in this thesis along with microphotographs of the results.

In all cases, the human teeth did not unfavorably react to the overall treatment. Clinically the response was one of little discomfort or inconveniences. Histologically the pulpal response was one of repair and regeneration, especially after a period of 100 days.

This method of pin retention has very desirable possibilities, and the results of this study show that the response can be most encouraging.




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