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A comparative study was done to evaluate the relationship of paternal childbirth satisfaction to locus of control. The purpose of the study was to measure locus of control and satisfaction with the childbirth experience and to determine what factors or events influence childbirth experience among fathers.

The sample consisted of 34 first-time fathers whose ages ranged from 20 to 40 years. Four were unmarried and 30 were married. All had attended childbirth education classes with the mother and all were present at the delivery. The hypotheses were: Null: Fathers' satisfaction with the childbirth experience is independent of their locus of control. The alternate hypothesis was: Fathers' satisfaction with the childbirth experience is related to their locus of control.

The method of statistical analysis was descriptive and inferential. Chi-square was used and =4.65 with one degree of freedom (p=.03).

The null hypothesis was rejected. More fathers in this study were internally controlled than externally con trolled. No fathers rated themselves as overall dissatisfied, but there were a number of factors which detracted from their satisfaction as was revealed by their additional comments on the Darany Paternal Childbirth Satisfaction Scale (PCS Scale). Locus of control was measured with the Rotter Internal-External Scale.

In summary, the study did reveal meaningful areas in which to provide help for parents with the experience of the birth of their child. In addition, the Darany PCS Scale was shown to be potentially useful for measuring paternal child birth satisfaction and should be studied further in relation to this. Locus of control was shown to be related to paternal satisfaction with the childbirth experience. More fathers who were rated as externally controlled were satisfied with the childbirth experience than were fathers who were rated as internally controlled.

Recommendations for further study include test-retest study to further standardize the PCS Scale. Since the findings of this study rejected the null hypothesis, a study measuring and correlating internal-external control with conformity may reveal a relationship to better explain the results obtained in this study.

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