This study was directed toward an investigation of neonatal mortality of premature infant at a selected hospital. The sample included all premature infants who were born in and died at the selected hospital during the neonatal period between January 01, 1952 and December 31, 1959.

The epidemiological approach was used to study. Data concerning thirty-six selected phenomena related to the infant, the mother of the infant, and the delivery of the infant were abstracted from the medical records of each of the two hundred and one cases included in the study. These data were transferred to unisort cards, one card for each infant, and the total incidences of each of the phenomena per year was found by a manipulation of the cards. A test of correlation was used to discover the degree of relationship between the trend in incidence of each of the thirty-six selected phenomena and the trend in deaths over the eight year period. A .05 level of significance was set and twenty-five of the phenomena feel within this level, thus indicating that these specific phenomena did have a significant relationship with the trend in deaths.

Five of the phenomena which showed a significant correlation were genetypic and could not be altered, nine might have been altered under certain circumstances, and two were within the control of the medical personnel.

Therefore it could be concluded from the study of neonatal death of premature infants at the selected hospital between January 01, 1952 and December 31, 1959 that a number of the selected phenomena were found to occur in a sufficient number of instances to indicate a significant relationship to the trend in death.

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