Coping styles of family members and familial relationships of patients with Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective, Dissociative, and/or Bipolar Disorder maybe influenced by psychoeducation interventions. Specifically, Psychoeducation (i.e. comprehensive & standardized protocol) can lower family member/primary caregiver expressed emotions (i.e. criticism, emotional over-involvement, avoidance & detachment) that will strengthen their coping styles as caregivers. A control and treatment group were comprised of a total of 32 randomly assigned family members. During the first week. The Coping Styles Questionnaire and The Family Questionnaire were administered to both groups as pretests. In addition, a registration form was completed containing information such as name, address, telephone number, gender, relationship to family member, diagnosis of family member, and an identifier number was assigned to each participating family member. During the second week, only the participants assigned to the treatment group were asked to attend a three hour education seminar. This seminar included seven presenters (i.e. religious representative, financial planner, clinic supervisor/marriage & family therapist, exercise physiologist, neuro-psychologist, Recovery Model Coordinator, and a family member) who conducted twenty minute presentations on effective coping strategies for the chronically mentally ill.

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