This study compared the curves for the mandibular movement obtained from computerized axiography (Cadiax) and NewTom 3G cone beam volumetric tomography.

Fifteen subjects (n=15) from the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry obtained a Cadiax mandibular jaw tracing and a NewTom 3G scan of their condyles and surrounding structures while in centric relation (CR). In addition, three condylar measurements obtained from the Cadiax and the NewTom 3G were compared: sagittal eminential angle (SEA), progressive mandibular lateral translation (PMLT), and early mandibular lateral translation (EMLT).

No differences were noted between the Cadiax and the NewTom 3G mandibular tracings when the gender or age of the subject was considered. The best correlation for SEA between the Cadiax and the NewTom 3G was when the whole curve of the Cadiax was compared to the curve of all the sections (Group A) obtained from the NewTom 3G minus the first three data points (first three millimeters in the x-axis) (Group 5). The Pearson's coefficient of correlation for the 5A Group was +0.6031. The Pearson's coefficient of correlation between PMLT measurements obtained from the Cadiax and the NewTom 3G was +0.649. An equation was described that can convert the PMLT obtained from the NewTom 3G to the Cadiax measurement. No correlation was found between the Cadiax and the NewTom 3G with respect to EMLT. A description of the right and left condyles in relation to the articular eminence was described. Setting an articulator using NewTom 3G measurements is not a time-saving technique when compared to the Cadiax.

The following conclusions were made:

1) A new method for obtaining sagittal eminential angle (SEA) and progressive mandibular lateral translation (PMLT) measurements from the NewTom 3G apparatus has been described.

2) Compared to intra-oral records, the NewTom 3G method for obtaining articular settings does not require chair-time because these measurements can be deduced outside the dental office by a technician.

3) As demonstrated with the occlusal patterns, SEA may be clinically significant, whereas PMLT may not be clinically significant.

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