Soft and hard tissue changes, in the nasolahial angle and the region of the upper lip, were compared in two modes of treating Class II, Division 1 maloclussion: 1) extraction of the upper first bicuspids and retraction of the anterior segment surgically by means of the Anterior Maxillary Osteotomy CAMO), 2) extraction of upper first bi cuspids and retraction of the anterior teeth by orthodontics alone. The first group consisted of twenty-five (25) patients; the second group consisted of thirty-six C36) patients.

Analysis of the resulting changes demonstrated the following:

With surgery ANS was retracted 2.52 mm, "A Point" was retracted 3,63 mm; but with, orthodontics both points remained essentially unchanged.

With surgery the upper incisor was retracted 7.56 mm; with orthodontics it was retracted 6.06 mm.

With surgery the nasolabial angle opened 13.54°; with orthodontics it opened 5.83°.

Specific hard to soft-tissue ratios for this area have a high degree of variability. Caution is advised when predicting change in the nasolabial angle until further study on this area has been completed.

With surgery the tip of the nose retracted more as did the soft "A Point" and the upper lips when compared to orthodontic treatment alone.

Soft "A Point" did retract with orthodontic treatment even though hard "A Point" did not change, due probably to the uncurling and rotating back of the upper lip which was a result of incisor retraction.

With orthodontics the soft-tissue changes were due mainly to incisor retraction whereas with surgery they were related also to the bony movement. All soft-tissue changes were exaggerated with surgery.

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