This study has been conducted to determine the nursing experience, the advanced educational attainments, and the church and community activities of the graduates of the New England Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing.

In order to secure the data, questionnaires were sent to 184 of the graduates during the 10-year period, 1945 through 1954. Sixty-eight percent responded with the desired information.

Data received from this survey have been presented in this study and compared with the findings of other similar studies.

Participating graduates of the New England Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing are residing in about half of the states with Massachusetts the residence of one-third of the graduates.

Three-fourths of the graduates were married with more tendency to marry during the first year after graduation than at any other time.

Ninety-seven percent of the graduates and 88 percent of the spouses of the graduates are members of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.

Three-fourths of the responding graduates reported they were actively engaged in nursing at the time of answering the questionnaire.

Less than one-fifth of the graduates are members of the American Nurses' Association. One-third of the participating graduates.

Over three-fourths of the graduates participated in church and community activities. Almost half of them have been engaged in teaching Red Cross classes, in giving health talks, and in assisting in the health program of church schools.

The graduates listed specific clinical courses as being most helpful to them in their present work, and more experience in taking responsibility as a head nurse or supervisor was listed by the largest number of the graduates as an area to be strengthened in the nursing program.

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