This research project was done to determine, by work function, the production labor time expended by employees involved in processing of general and selected modified diets and to determine the processing labor and food costs of these diets in the food service of a short-term general hospital. Work sampling was the technique used to collect data. Random observations were made for a six-day period utilizing the GRED's theory. Work function activities were recorded for only those employees whose work included processing of food. The number of times each work function activity was recorded as related to the total recordings was the basis for estimating the actual distribution of the processing employees' labor time. When processing of patient menu items was observed, the specific menu item(s) being processed was recorded. A tally of the menus in each diet group provided the data necessary to weight observations of processing activities which, in turn, provided a means for distribution of the appropriate amounts of processing labor costs to each of the diet groups. Findings indicated that less of the processing employees' time than might be expected was spent in processing work function activities, and a rather large portion of the time was spent in transportation. The processing labor costs did not reveal the differences between diet groups which were expected. Only those groups which included liquid diets differed significantly from the other groups. Food costs varied considerably between diet groups but appeared to decrease as dietary modifications restricted the volume of food served. This research has demonstrated the feasibility of using work sampling as one method of determining processing labor costs and food costs of different groups of patient diets.


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