This retrospective study evaluated the 26 cephalometric measurements which comprise 13 ratios that were purposed by Robert M. Ricketts to be Divine Proportions. The hypothesis that was tested in this study was one that stated that these 13 ratios were not only Divine Proportions, but were constant in all facial types, in both genders and in all stages of growth. In an effort to test this hypothesis, cephalographs were chosen at random from the files of Dr. Ruel Bench, which are currently housed in the Ricketts Research Library at Loma Linda University. Each film tracing was reviewed for accuracy and any modifications deemed necessary were made by the author. The text describes the method used to plot the various landmarks and indicates which measurements were used in testing the hypothesis that these ratios complied with the Divine Proportion. The findings were similar to Rickett's earlier study in that certain ratios showed a similarity to Phi (1.618), the Divine Proportion. Furthermore, some ratios remained constant throughout growth, regardless of gender or facial type. It was also found that certain measurements required a normal occlusion, or a proportional skeletal pattern, to fall within the accepted range of parameters for the Divine Proportion. It may be concluded that there is a tendency for a naturally occurring proportionality of the majority of the parameter pairs tested, at least amongst the mesofacial face type group. This information can be used in (1) evaluation for a possible deficiency or excessiveness of components of certain parameter pairs of craniofacial structures, and in (2) extrapolating for the Divine Proportion of such deficient and/or excessive parameter pair structures when planning for orthodontic, orthopedic or cosmetic correction.

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