The virulence of animal-passaged Mycoplasma arthritidis (158) was demonstrated to be enhanced in rats by growth in oleic acid-enriched broth. The virulence of a laboratory-maintained culture of the same strain was unaffected by similar growth conditions. No differences either in the immune response as measured by complement-fixing (CF) antibodies or in the histogenesis of the disease were detected when rats were injected with animal-passaged M. arthritidis grown either in the presence or in the absence of oleic acid. All tests for metabolism-inhibiting (MI) antibodies in the rat were negative.

A Mycoplasma-associated immunosuppression of the primary and of the secondary hemagglutinin (HA) response to a common Gram negative antigen (CA-) of Escherichia coli (014) was demonstrated in the rabbit when pre-incubated mixtures of CA(-) and M. arthritidis membranes were injected iv. A similar immunosuppression was demonstrated only for the secondary HA response to a common Gram positive antigen (CA+) of Staphylococcus aureus when pre-incubated mixtures of CA(+) and M. arthritidis membranes were employed as immunizing materials. Mixtures containing CA(+) appeared to interfere with MI antibody production in the rabbit.

The findings suggest 1) that oleic acid may play a role in the virulence of animal-passaged M. arthritidis in the rat# 2) that MI antibody synthesis may be subject to competitive inhibition by (CA+) in the rabbit, and 3) that the immunosuppressive effect of M. arthritidis is associated with membrane components and is not limited to the host in which arthritogenic properties are manifested.

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