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This study has been conducted to determine what would be required to raise the level of nursing education at Nyadiri Mission Hospital, from that of registered nursing orderly to registered nurse, and to determine if it would be feasible at this time to endeavor to meet those requirements.

The narrative-survey method was used in this study. Four different questionnaires were designed, sent, and returns analyzed and tabulated.

The survey revealed that the requirements for the registered nurses course consisted of the following:

  1. The candidate for nursing must have completed the eleventh grade and be at least seventeen years of age.
  2. There must be at least two medical officers and qualified nursing staff of approximately one staff nurse to two students.
  3. The institutional facilities considered adequate are a minimum of one hundred beds with a daily patient average of ninety to one hundred.

It was also learned that a sufficient number of students are completing the tenth and eleventh grade to make it possible to secure candidates for nursing at that level. Nyadiri accepts only young woman in the nursing school. The survey showed that an over increasing number of young women were completing the tenth and eleventh grade, the average age on completion was 17.5 years, and a relatively high percent indicated a desire to study nursing if the professional course was available to them. Nyadiri hospital facilities are adequate to meet the minimum requirements, but the institution has only one medical officer and four qualified nurses.

In the light of these findings it was concluded that it would be feasible to raise the level of nursing education at Nyadiri Hospital, and if one additional medical officer could be secured, a small beginning could be made with a class of five or six students.

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