This research project was directed toward the study of the histological response of human teeth to the intentional implantation of threaded stainless steel gold-plated pins.

Many different types of pins are currently used in several aspects of restorative and periodontal dentistry. In some cases there may be unintentional perforation of the dental pulp. In other cases it may be advantageous to purposely perforate the pulp for added retention.

The purpose of this research is to determine the reaction, possibilities and prognosis of such a technique under clinical conditions.

The teeth used for experimental and control groups were those recommended for extraction in the treatment plans for orthodontics or prosthodontics. The teeth used were as near free of fillings and caries as possible.

A clinical and x-ray examination of the teeth followed. A local anesthetic was administered at the time of pin implantation. The pin was placed into a hole made in the axial wall of a Class V preparation. The cavity was then sealed with a stiff mix of zinc oxide eugenal cement.

After varying periods of time, both experimental and control teeth were extracted. All teeth were decalcified and microscopic slides prepared for histological examination. Clinical and histological data were recorded and compiled in this project along with microphotographs of the results. In all cases the teeth remained vital microscopically. Generally no discomfort was experienced by any of the patients.

This research project shows that if pins are intentionally implanted into the dental pulp under clinical conditions they remain vital for at least two hundred eleven days.




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