It is desirable in any dietary service to produce high quality and nutritious food within reasonable cost. Any training which the food service supervisor may receive in administration, nutrition and food preparation will aid in achieving this goal. No training program for food service supervisors in Seventh-day Adventist institutions in Mexico has been available. The plan for a two week workshop for food service supervisors was thus developed as a step toward meeting this need.

Principles on techniques of conducting workshops have been discussed.

An investigation was made into Mexican agricultural trends, food habits and nutritional status to present information which may be useful in presenting this program in Mexico.

Literature was reviewed on topics of nutrition, meal planning, food preparation, personnel management, cost control and sanitation. Outlines for study, discussion, and activity on various aspects of these topics were developed and a tentative time schedule for the workshop was formulated.

In the workshop plan provision was made for active member participation through group discussion and interchange of ideas. Activities such as demonstrations, field trip, and laboratory experience were planned for active involvement of the workshop program.

Recipes were tested and chosen to be used in the program together with those which would be contributed by the participants.

Visual aids, handout materials and sources of reference were listed to assist workshop leader in presenting the program.

In conclusion, suggestions were made from conducting the workshop program in such a manner which would provide the most benefit to all the participants and also encourage further development of insights and skills which would be of value for the food service supervisor.




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