This study was done to test the effectiveness of a programmed textbook as a method of teaching diabetic patients at home. The textbook used was prepared from a programmed filmstrip provided by the United States Public Health Service. The study was conducted in connection with the Los Angeles County General Hospital Metabolic Clinic and the White Memorial Hospital Lipid Clinic. A group of 37 patients who met the criteria of an I.Q. of at least 60, a reading level of at least the second grade, and who would be returning to the clinic within four weeks were included in the study. They were randomly divided into two groups. Both groups were given a pre-test on knowledge about diabetes. The experimental group was then given a programmed textbook to read at home. At their next clinic visit both groups were again tested to determine the amount of information they had about diabetes and its care. As measured by the pre-test, both groups had a similar amount of information. The post-test showed that the experimental group had gained significantly more new knowledge about diabetes than the control group. A t test done on difference between the two tests between the two groups revealed a t of 2.80 which was significant to the one per cent level of probability. Correlation studies done between the test scores and selected variables of I.Q., reading level, age, duration of diabetes, sources of previous diabetic education, amount of general education, language background indicated that the programmed textbook would be useful in teaching most types of patients. However it was thought that the textbook would be more effective if used as part of a regular teaching program.

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