In four separate experiments mouse embryo cell monolayers infected with polyoma virus and uninfected control mouse embryo cells were maintained in Eagle’s Minimum Essential Medium for periods of time ranging from 0 to 168 hours. The cell layers were removed from the glass by trypsinization. Samples of the cells were counted in a Coulter Counter and the remainder of the cells frozen after centrifugation, in a button. Later, the buttons were thawed and protein, RNA, and DNA analyses were performed on each sample. The micrograms per million cells of protein. RNA, and DNA were determined for each sample and plotted against time.

The amounts of protein and RNA in infected cells showed no apparent change from the corresponding biochemicals in the uninfected control cells. However, in two experiments DNA in infected cells did show an increase with time when compared with DNA values in uninfected cells. In one experiment the DNA in infected cells almost doubled the DNA in uninfected cells.

Hemagglutination assays, for polyoma virus concentration were done on many of the cell samples. The hemagglutination titers were found to be elevated in the two experiments which yielded significant DNA increases with time in virus infected cells.

The amount of viral DNA in polyoma virus infected cells prior to their disintegration, could not account for the additional amount of DNA found in the cells. The DNA probably results, however, from stimulation by the infection with the virus.

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