Studies were conducted utilizing albino rats to determine the relationship of voluntary alcohol consumption with various dietary additives and exposure to cigarette smoke in combination with poor quality diets. Male, Sprague-Dawley rats, from weanling age to 100 grams, were given the various experimental diets and a free fluid choice of ten per cent ethanol or tap water. Fluid intakes were recorded and analyzed statistically. Individual variation was common with a generally low level of alcohol consumption when rats were fed a poor quality diet of common United States foods. The addition of caffeinated beverages and/or spices and relish caused increases in alcohol intakes, but some animals receiving high levels of the additives drank very little alcohol. There was no evidence of a synergism when both caffeinated beverages and spices and relish were added to the diet. Rats fed a poor quality purified diet drank generally more alcohol. Additives caused increases, but again the higher levels of additives apparently caused a drop in alcohol intakes. Including a complete vitamin mix in the poor quality purified diet resulted in very low intakes of alcohol. Exposure to cigarette smoke did not alter the alcohol intakes of rats fed the poor quality purified diet, but water intakes were drastically increased. The methods used should be re-evaluated giving attention to position preferences, the concentration of alcohol offered, the selection of rats and assigning to groups, the length of the study, food consumption, the type of diet offered, and the age of the rats utilized. The effects of exposure to cigarette smoke on voluntary alcohol intakes of animals without aversions to alcohol should be studied.




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