Previous research has described the role of perceived healthcare mistreatment and negative emotions in continuity of cancer screening care for both Latino and Anglo American women (Betancourt, Flynn, & Ormseth, 2011). From a social psychological perspective, cognitive processes, such as the causal attributions patients make for the way they are treated, are expected to play a role in how mistreatment affects emotion and behavior. Based on Weiner's attribution theory of motivation and emotion and Betancourt's integrative model of culture, psychological processes, and behavior, the present study examined the influence of attributing healthcare mistreatment to discrimination on continuity of cancer screening care in a sample of 217 Latino (n = 101) and Anglo (n = 116) American women. As proposed, cumulative exposure to mistreatment indirectly influenced continuity of care through discrimination based attributions for mistreatment and related emotions. Additionally, it was found that attributing mistreatment to discrimination influenced continuity of care through its effect on related emotions. Finally, the results suggest that these relationships may vary based on ethnicity. Findings extend research regarding the role of cognitions and emotions in determining healthcare seeking behaviors such as continuity of care, and highlight the importance of discrimination based attributions in the patient-provider relationship.

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Betancourt, Hector

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Boyd, Kendal C.

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Flynn, Patricia M.

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Discrimination (Psychology); Healthcare Disparities; Minority Health; Discrimination in medical care; Health Services Accessibility; Race Discrimination

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Cumulative Exposure to Mistreatment; discrimination Based attributions for mistreatment; Perceived healthcare mistreatment; Cancer screening; Latino women; Anglo-American women



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