Many methods of health education are being used today to help children and young people grow into healthy useful citizens. A health club is one such method which may be used to provide activities and health knowledge which may influence attitude and behavior.

The purpose of this study was to compare children who had been members of a health club with other children who were not members to see if there was any difference between the two groups in health knowledge, attitudes, and behavior as measured by a Health Achievement Test and a Health Behavior Inventory.

Twenty-two members of the health club were pair-matched with twenty-two other children who were not members, and together they were tested with The standardized tests. The scores of the two groups were then analyzed and compared.

The Health Achievement Test showed there was probably no significant difference between the two groups in health knowledge. In comparison with the national norm scores both groups were above average.

In health attitudes and behavior there was a probable significant difference between the two groups, the club members showing better health attitudes and behavior than the non-members.

The health club might have had some relation to the better health behavior shown by club members.

This study has pointed out the need for further study and evaluation of children's health clubs as a method of health education. Further study in more areas of health and subsequent evaluations of the club should be made.

Testing of groups in other localities and the making of standardized tests to use for children of various background and cultures is recommended.

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