The purpose of this descriptive survey was to do a follow-up study on patients with COPD to find out to what extent these patients have followed instruction to continue exercising the abdominal and diaphragmatic muscles, with the utilization of a breathing pattern. Literature was reviewed which revealed contradictory findings in regard to the physiological benefits of the use of the breathing pattern. Nine patients met the criteria and signed a consent sheet to be visited in their homes. An Observation Data Sheet and Interview Guide were the tools used to collect data. A point system was constructed and used with the Observation Data Sheet for correct use of the breathing pattern. Data was compiled and compared. Findings that seemed to be significant were: that age and daily practice had no influence on the correct use and performance of the breathing pattern, that an understanding of the rationale of the breathing pattern was no indication for its correct use, and that a majority of patients who had received an explanation on the use of the breathing pattern had used the breathing pattern correctly and had performed well.

The findings upheld the literature showing that the exercise program resulted in physical improvement. It was concluded that patients generally followed the instruction to continue exercises with the use of the breathing pattern, did not understand why they were doing them, and felt the need of longer-supervised practice periods. Recommendations regarding the giving of instruction were: that a patient's understanding concerning the reasons for utilizing the breathing pattern be re-checked one day before discharge, that more time for supervision of the breathing exercises be given, and that written instructions be included in the teaching program.

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