The objective of this study was to identify patterns and profiles present in rodent behavioral assay data to inform methodology of future animal research. Domains of spatial learning, motor function, activity, and emotionality were examined. This study first identified how rodent performance on commonly used behavioral and neurocognitive assays varies by species, sex, and age. Significant differences were observed in spatial learning curves, patterns of motor function, emotionality and activity in rats and mice. Overall, males and females had similar performances on spatial learning and motor function, but sex and species interactions were also observed, indicating varied sex differences in rats and mice. This study also identified neurocognitive profiles specific to rodent models of cortical and subcortical brain injury that grossly resemble deficits observed in human brain injury. This study also used exploratory factor analysis to examine the latent factor structure present in behavioral assay data. The factor structure indicated the prominent contribution of strategic learning and activity level to performance across behavioral domains, explaining more than 50 percent of total variance. The potential for use of this information to design an abbreviated neurocognitive battery was discussed.

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Hartman, Richard E.

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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January 2013

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Brain injuries; Rodents; Psychology - Research - Methodology

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Rodent behavior; Behavioral testing procedures



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