Maxillary palatal expansion has long been used in orthodontics as a means of correcting constricted and collapsed dental arches. The quadhelix appliance, developed by Drs. Robert Ricketts and Ruel Bench, expands buccal segments and causes distobuccal rotation in upper first molars. The objective of this study was to assess the direct effects that the quadhelix appliance on the surrounding dentition and buccal bone in the maxillary premolar and molar areas in a finite, measurable manner. This assessment was made using the NewTom 3G. The pre-quadhelix and post-quadhelix NewTom 3G images of twenty patients treated in the Graduate Orthodontic Clinic at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry were compared. Specifically, the width of expansion, premolar and molar inclination, molar rotation, and the buccal bone levels were evaluated. A statistically significant amount of bone thickness loss was found on the buccal side of the premolar and molar regions while marginal bone level bone loss was found on the buccal side of the first molars. The amount of change in molar rotation was not found to be statistically significant. A considerable amount of buccal crown inclination was created in the first and second premolars while the amount of buccal crown inclination in the molars was not statistically significant at p<0.05.

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