The Anticipating Success within Mental Health Training (ASWMHT) provides a 2-day training that consumes two hours a day for a total of two days. This training provides emotion dysregulation techniques that can be done within 2-5 minutes of a patient and provider interaction. The skills promoted throughout this training will be Dialectical Behavioral Therapy informed, which is an evidence-based therapy that has been used in multiple health care facilities and targets severe depression, anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal, homicidal, and self-mutilation behaviors. The training focuses on equipping medical doctors who encounter the mental health population with the skills necessary to regulate the patients to a point that is necessary for assessments to be conducted. This program can provide a more efficient way of assisting the patient, lessen the vulnerability of misdiagnosing from erratic dysregulated behavior versus the true mental status of a patient, and elevate confidence levels for providers to perform the necessary service to the patient population. The idea is to provide a more immediate solution to integration of behavioral health care and primary care. Considering the high demand for mental health facilities and providers this a short-term approach to a problem that will require an expansion in facilities and providers. However, [sic] give important to equip doctors with skills that are instrumental in working with mental health population who contend with emotion-dysregulation. The primary goal for medical doctors attending Anticipating Success within Mental Health Training is for each participant to walk away feeling more confident and equipped in being able to facilitate practical implementable skills that will allow for an effective approach to service emotionally dysregulated mental health patients.

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