Plaque accumulation, although undesirable, is prevalent in orthodontic patients with poor oral hygiene and is linked with enamel decalcification. A proposed product designed to seal the tooth around the orthodontic bracket was tested for its durability. It also was evaluated for its ability to seal the enamel.

We measured prepared areas of sixty bovine teeth that were divided equally into two groups: a control group, protected with light-cured Concise sealant, and a group treated with the test sealant, Odyssey, both by 3M Unitek. The teeth were thermocycled for 1000 cycles in alternating 5° C and 55° C waterbaths at 10-second intervals each, in order to simulate the intra-oral environment temperature changes. This cycle time is equal to 5.5 hrs. of temperature change. The two groups were then separated into three 10-sample subgroups. Each subgroup was brushed with a different abrasivity toothpaste, for 400 cycles, using the V-8 Crossbrushing machine and Oral B 40 toothbrushes. This process simulated the equivalent of two weeks of toothbrushing (twice a day, five minutes total). The toothpastes used were a high abrasive commercially available dentifrice (Aquafresh - 160 rda), a medium abrasive commercially available dentifrice (Crest - around 105 rda), and a low abrasive dentifrice (Rembrandt original - around 60 rda)

The amount of sealant left after abrasion was quantified using NIH Image software and then the percentage of sealant remaining on each tooth was calculated. Additionally, the remaining sealant thickness was evaluated microscopically by comparing Odyssey & Concise SEM photographs of select representative teeth from each sample.

Results are: Less of the Odyssey remained on the tooth (approximately 50%), after 2 weeks of simulated brushing compared to Concise (approximately 80% remaining.) There was no significant difference between toothpaste abrasivity (Low, Medium, or High) on wear of both Odyssey and Concise sealants. There were no statistically significant interactions between toothpaste and individual sealant. Under SEM there was no evidence of Odyssey remaining on the tooth surface.

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