Replacement resorption (RR) occurs following severe injury to the periodontal ligament (PDL). It has been suggested that inflammatory reactions precede RR. The purpose of this study was to examine and compare histologically the effect of topical application of two anti-inflammatory medications and stannous fluoride (SF) on the development of RR. Thirty-four roots of beagle dog mandibular 2nd, 3rd, and 4th premolars received root canal therapy. They were then extracted and left to bench dry for one hour. Following removal of their PDLs, they were soaked for five minutes in either 10 µg/ml ketorolac (n=10), 16 µg/ml of dexamethasone (n=10), or 1% stannous fluoride (n=10), the latter, which has been shown to inhibit RR. The remaining three roots were rinsed in saline and served as controls. After treating the surfaces of the roots, they were replanted and rigidly splinted for two months. The dogs were sacrificed and their jaws were decalcified. Transverse sections (5µm) were stained and root surfaces were classified according to Andreasen's criteria of: 1) unchanged, 2) resorbed, or 3) ankylosed. Contingency Table Analysis showed significant differences (p < 0.003) between the experimental and the control groups, and in many of the pairwise comparisons (p < 0.015). Topical application of anti-inflammatory agents such as ketorolac or dexamethasone show an inhibitory effect on replacement root resorption compared to controls. In addition, ketorolac is more effective than dexamethasone in delaying replacement root resorption. However, stannous fluoride appears to be the more effective medicament than ketorolac or dexamethasone. Consequently, ketorolac or dexamethasone may be useful in combination with fluoride in the treatment of replacement root resorption.




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