This program aims to understand the lack of infant-early childhood trauma-informed care training for mental health clinicians. The current efforts to enhance mental health clinicians’ therapeutic knowledge and awareness through the development of the CCCT with the emphasis on trauma-informed care show significance to treat infant-early childhood trauma. Due to children’s susceptibility to trauma and developmental vulnerability, if trauma remains unaddressed, there are long lasting negative effects throughout their adulthood, as shown through the ACE’s study. Furthermore, the program’s theoretical framework encompasses Attachment Theory with the integration of the Theory of Neuroscience, Bowen family systems theory, Reflective Practice Model, and Mindfulness to develop a basic competent trauma-informed care training. The development of the Introduction to Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health and Trauma Training Program was designed for mental health clinicians to enhance their therapeutic knowledge and awareness when serving children with infant-early childhood trauma. The key interventions are psychoeducation on infant-early childhood mental health and trauma, nondirective play therapy, and reflective practice and mindfulness. The Introduction to Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health and Trauma Training Program occurs yearly on a quarterly basis, meaning there are different cohorts of participants, whether they are participating in beginning of the trauma-informed care training or attending a booster. Lastly, the evaluation plan of the Introduction to Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health and Trauma Training Program measures the three dimensions of competence: trauma-informed care (TIC) knowledge, trauma awareness, and trauma beliefs among mental health therapists. Keywords: clinician, trauma, child-caregiver relationship/dyad, infant-early childhood trauma

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