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Background: Probing bone measurements as an alternative to open bone measurements to evaluate regenerative procedures in furcation defects do not seem to have been used as of yet. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the reliability of probing bone measurements in such defects.

Methods:15 patients scheduled for surgical treatment of a total of 30 mandibular 1st or 2nd molars with buccal or lingual class II furcation defects were studied. During treatment, duplicate vertical and horizontal recordings of probing attachment levels, probing bone levels and open bone levels were taken by independent examiners. Results: Deviations of both vertical and horizontal recordings between 1st and 2nd examiners were within ±1 mm in 90-100% of examined sites for all 3 measurements. Standard deviations of differences between pairs of duplicate recordings were also similar for the 3 measurements, both for vertical and horizontal defect dimensions, and amounted to 0.7-0.9 mm. On average, vertical and horizontal open bone levels were 0.9- 1.1 mm deeper than probing bone levels. Probing bone levels, in tum, were 1.1-1.5 mm deeper than probing attachment levels.

Conclusions: In view of the consistency demonstrated between probing bone level and open bone level measurements in mandibular class 11 defects, coupled with the additional discomfort for the patient of a re-entry surgery and a possible re-entry traumatic effect, open bone level measurements do not seem necessary or even justified to evaluate effects of periodontal therapy in these defects, and can be substituted by probing bone measurements.

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