This project aims to increase the use and inclusivity of mental health services within marginalized communities by providing education and training tools on the use and application of integrative mental health approaches. It is an offering of guidance, providing a culturally responsive framework for integrating yoga into psychotherapy. The manual aims to reduce systemic, colonialist, barriers to mental health services. This project is founded on the basis that mono-cultural foundations in traditional psychotherapeutic treatments negatively impact the attitudes and beliefs of service seekers, typically within excluded groups. Systems Theory and Critical Race Theory and Social Justice principles inform the application framework, reinforcing why this focus is critically significant. The project includes a somatic protocol and treatment manual. The Mind-Body Manual (MBM) is designed to support mental health and wellness professionals with implementing the Mind-Body Protocol as a yoga-psychotherapy treatment plan intervention informed by the cultural nuances and needs of people of color. While the Mind-Body Protocol can be used with all ethnicities, races, groups, and identities, it may be particularly helpful when used with marginalized, silenced, and overlooked groups. These groups include racial minorities, women, LGBTQ+, individuals with disabilities, refugees, economically disadvantaged people, and first-generation families. The MBM includes four components: Intention- the foundation and history of the intervention, Implementation- guidance on implementing the Mind-Body Protocol: a yoga psychotherapy approach, Introspection- reflective yoga-psychotherapy prompts, and Instruments- treatment plan supports and learning resources

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Heather Beeson

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Doctor of Marital and Family Therapy (DMFT)

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Integrative psychotherapy; Psychotherapy; Social justice


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