This study utilized the imaging technique of computerized tomography (CT). Scans taken with a GE CT/N 8800 scanner of an adult cadaver and a 12-patient group were obtained through the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, TMJ Department, and Loma Linda University Medical Center, Department of Neuroradiology.

The lateral scout image and a lateral cephalogram of the cadaver were compared using six angular measurements for facial type from Ricketts' Cephalometric Analysis. The six measurements, Maxillary Depth, Facial Depth, Mandibular Arc, Mandibular Plane, Lower Face Height and Facial Axis, were found to be similar. This allowed the investigator to rely exclusively on CT scans to determine facial type and to image the hard and soft tissues of the TMJ.

Axial, coronal and sagittal images were used to measure axial condylar angle, transverse condylar head dimension, antero-posterior condylar head dimension, sagittal joint interval, central and medial coronal joint interval and the lateral pterygoid muscle angle and length. The mean values for these measurements were compared with respect to facial type. Although the small sample precluded statistical analysis, a trend toward a decreased lateral pterygoid muscle angle in an axial plane was noted in the dolichofacial group.

This application of CT was limited to studies of condylar position and lateral pterygoid muscle relations in different facial types. The relative non-invasiveness of the technique lends itself to other areas of concern to orthodontists. These include condylar and muscle responses to orthodontic treatment such as functional appliances and orthopedic mechanics. Longitudinal studies of growth and development of the lateral pterygoid muscle and other hard and soft tissues which are not imaged satisfactorily with conventional radiography are now possible.

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