The purpose of this study was to make an evaluation of a dental amalgam technic using one part mercury to one part alloy, which is known as the Eames technic.

The study consisted of a comparison of various physical properties of dental amalgam using the Eames technic, and the conventional technic for handling amalgam. Special dies were made for preparing the specimens as well as special equipment for testing the specimens.

Trituration of the alloy was done both by mechanical triturators and by hand trituration. The specimens were condensed by hand using a manudynomometer so that all specimens were packed consistently. Tests for crushing strength, transverse strength, tensile strength, and dimensional change were than made at various intervals of time. An experimental spherical alloy was also tested in this study. Again the Eames technic was compared with the conventional technic of handling dental amalgam.

The results showed that at the earlier testing times, up to twenty-four hours after the specimens were condensed, the Eames technic gave consistently stronger specimens. After twenty-four hours the specimens using the Eames technic were the same as those using the conventional technic.

It can be concluded that the Eames technic has merit as a method for handling dental amalgam. Using this technic the filling will be stronger earlier than if the conventional technic is employed. Also in using the Eames technic, excess residual mercury is not a problem.




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