A comparison of two orthodontic sealants and two adhesives was made. An experimental adhesive was tested (Unitek*) also an experimental sealant (Unitek**) was evaluated for its ability to polymerize into a thin film. An established adhesive and sealant system (Concise***) was compared with the above products.

The factors which were considered important to the study were: the strength of the bond formed; the working efficiency; the ability for these materials to bond to the lingual of teeth; and the value of using contralateral teeth when testing bond strength.

An Instron testing machine was used to record the shear strength of the bond between bracket and tooth. Because the acid etch pattern and depth varies from tooth to tooth, pairs of contralateral premolars were bonded in main part of this study. Sixty other human teeth were also tested.

The results showed no statistically significant differences in bond strength between the two adhesive-sealant systems, but that using contralateral teeth is very important in a bond strength study. The data indicated that brackets bonded to the lingual of the premolars formed a weaker bond, but the difference was of borderline statistical significance only. Also, the brackets were designed for buccal surfaces, and thus not fitting perfectly on the lingual surfaces.

Unitek corporation developed eight different groups of sealants. These sealants were tested for working time, esthetics, and ability to polymerize. Unitek continued these studies and the experimental sealant they developed was used in the bonding study evaluated in this paper.


* Unitek Experimental Adhesives, Unitek Corp., Monrovia, CA

** Unitek Experimental Sealant, Unitek Corp., Monrovia, CA

*** Concise Enamel Bond-Composite System, 3M Co. St. Paul, MI

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