The purpose of thin study was to develop a plan for inservice education for the graduate nurse staff in a small maternity unit that would encourage optimum nursing care.

A questionnaire was prepared and given to those nurses who had been employed in the maternity unit during the sixteen month period prior to the date of mailing the questionnaire.

The responses from the nurses showed that they would welcome an inservice education plan that would provide an improved orientation program and meetings for discussion to foster self improvement and better patient care. Critical incidents reported by the nurses showed the need for improved professional relationships, and for each graduate nurse to have a greater knowledge of the total picture of maternity nursing in both intra-departmental and in the home.

The over-all plan in the selected hospital was reviewed carefully in order that the plan developed for the maternity unit would be in harmony with the over-all hospital philosophy and objectives for inservice education, personnel development, and improved patient care.

A plan was developed in which specific steps were given for the orientation of new personnel; over-all gradate nurse staff meetings, ward classes, inter-area meetings, and professional team meetings were planned to meet the needs of the various groups. Suggestions were made for setting up graduate staff committees for the carrying out of projects. A plan for continuous and periodic evaluation was suggested.

From the beginning of its conception the inservice education program was developed with eager cooperation and participation by the graduate nurses concerned. Already many benefits have been achieved. It Is hoped that as a result of this study the potential of each nurse for the giving of optimum nursing care will be realized.

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