Objective: This study measured CBCT images to determine if a consistent ratio exists between the quantifiable number of millimeters a cemented rapid palatal expansion appliance is opened and the subsequent increase in the arch perimeter obtained due to lateral expansion of the arch.

Methods: The following measurements: arch perimeter, arch width at first molars, first bicuspids, appliance length, as well as arch depth; were taken from CBCT images of patients who had completed RME therapy. These were obtained both before and after maxillary palatal expansion therapy using a fixed rapid palatal expander. Correlations were calculated for each of the dental measurements with the appliance expansion and change in arch perimeter; and expressed as Pearson’s Correlation Coefficients at = 0.05. Repeat measurements were performed on 15 random patients and an Intraclass Correlation Coefficients of > .99 were observed.

Results: Forty-two (20 males with a mean age = 14.8 years old and 22 females with a mean age of 13.3 years old) patients were included in the study. Good correlations were observed between appliance expansion, change in arch perimeter and all other perimeters (r ≥ 0.648; p < .05) except change in arch depth (r ≤ 0.216; p > .05). Strongest correlations to the change in arch perimeter were noted with appliance expansion (r = 0.778; r2 = 0.606; p < .001) and change in arch width at first molars (r = 0.751; r2 = 0.564; p < .001) with the ratios of 0.83:1 and 1.02:1 respectively.

Conclusion: This study shows a statistically significant positive correlation between the change in appliance length and the gain in arch perimeter. The significance is moderate and strong enough to build a model off of, paving the way for an additional prospective study.

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