This study explored which conditions are optimal for supporting domestic violence offenders in reducing recidivism thereby enabling long-term sustainability of healthy relationships. This study’s objectives were to identify the role of current interventions in creating optimal conditions for change in domestic violence offenders, determining what motivational strategies are effective in producing meaningful engagement in treatment, identifying relational treatment methods and processes that are (are not) effective in reducing domestic violence recidivism, and what is needed programmatically to be effective in decreasing recidivism. Qualitative data from semi-structured interviews were analyzed using the methodology of grounded theory. Collection and analysis of the data included 18 interviews and a focus group of domestic violence offenders that were mandated to treatment. This study identified four necessary factors in treatment to effectively help domestic violence offenders not recidivate: First, a domestic violence program that includes the partner in treatment to strengthen relationships. Second, the inclusion of one-to-one facilitator meetings. Third, the development of personalized relational goals to focus treatment. Fourth, address the influence of substance abuse on domestic violence. This study has useful implications for mental health professionals interested in utilizing sustaining evidence based interventions that address deeper systemic issues of domestic violence and reducing recidivism

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Marital and Family Therapy


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Domestic Violence; Intervention; Intimate Partner Violence; Treatment Planning; Recidivism


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