The purpose of this study was to assess the correlation of gingival recession to the following parameters in fresh cadavers: gingival thickness, buccal bone loss, buccal bone thickness, shape of bony dehiscence defect, and age. A secondary aim was to evaluate predictors for gingival recession.

Sixteen fresh cadavers were used in this study. Gingival recession, facial gingival thickness, alveolar bone loss, and buccal bone thickness were measured at teeth #6-#11 and #22-#27. Sites with a dehiscence (D) or fenestration (F) were presented, and resultant bony defect shape was noted. The correlation of gingival recession to gingival thickness, buccal bone loss, buccal bone thickness, shape of dehiscence defect and age was evaluated using Spearman’s rho correlation coefficient. The strongest predictors for gingival recession were identified through a multiple regression analysis performed on candidate predictors.

Gingival recession was found to be correlated to age and bone loss (rho=0.53,

p<0.01; rho = 0.57, p<0.01, respectively). A statistically significant difference was found in the correlation between bone loss and gingival recession when comparing D/F sites and non-D/F sites (rho = -0.095, p = 0.667; rho = 0.646, p<0.001, respectively). After correlating potential predictors with gingival recession, we found that the magnitude of correlations was different in males and females. Multiple linear regression analysis found that the strongest predictors for gingival recession in both males and females were underlying bone loss, bone thickness 3 mm apical to the bony crest, and age. Within gender groups, the predictive value for bone loss and age were found to be statistically significant (p<0.01).

Within the limitations of this study, we conclude that gingival recession is correlated to bone loss and age. Bone loss, bone thickness and age were the strongest predictors for gingival recession. The magnitude of effect of bone thickness 3mm apical to the bony crest was much greater in males than in females. Clinical studies of larger scale are needed to apply these findings to our clinical practice.

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