A program evaluation of the Behavioral Health Care (BHC) Alhambra Hospital's Outpatient Service program was conducted. The purpose was to evaluate the program implementation, assess the program results, and highlight methods of program improvement. The evaluator conducted focus groups with administrative and clinical program staff and evaluated data utilizing thematic analysis. Three themes, education, programmatic operations, and team highlighted areas of program effectiveness and areas of program improvement. Administrative staff and clinical staff highlighted the importance of training and improved communication between program staff and board and care staff. Recommendations include the administrative staff creating a plan to account for program interruptions, creating a comprehensive training manual for clinical staff, and improving communication between administrative staff and board and care facility staff to better support program implementation.

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Marital and Family Therapy


Counseling and Family Sciences


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Lena Lopez Bradley

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Jacqueline Williams-Reade

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Winetta Oloo

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Doctor of Marital and Family Therapy (DMFT)

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Focus Groups; Outpatients; Program Evaluation; Mental Health Services


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xii, 79 p.

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