Although marriage and family therapists are one of the main providers in treating mental and relational health issues, there is not a significant emphasis on the identification, assessment, and treatment of victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse in COAMFTE-accredited Masters level Marriage and Family Therapy programs (COAMFTE, 2017). This needs assessment aimed to identify the knowledge and clinical skills recommended by clinicians who treat victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse to identify some needs, assessments, and treatment practices that can guide LMFTs in treating this population. This needs assessment explored current literature, research, and academic and clinical resources focused on narcissism and narcissistic abuse, followed by interviewing 14 mental health clinicians who self-identified as competent, proficient, or expert in narcissistic abuse recovery. There is a dearth of empirical research, academic and clinical resources, training and treatment models, and evidence-based programs and modalities focused on victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse. The dearth in awareness and advocacy of this population has led to discrepancies and insufficiencies in developing standardized diagnoses, terminology, clinical training, and treatment. The results of this needs assessment concluded fundamental therapeutic recommendations in clinician’s required knowledge, clinical skills, resources, assessment, and treatment of victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse. The recommendations can be a stepping stone in the development of further empirical research, diagnosis, assessment tools, academic curriculum, evidence-based treatment models, training model and program development.

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