In order to better understand the contributing factors to low visibility and an overall lack of representation of Coptic Orthodox individuals within the field of mental health, a needs assessment was conducted. Previous research studies have focused on the low visibility of the Coptic Orthodox population within the field of mental health but have focused primarily on stigma, without determining other needs and contributing factors. This needs assessment utilized the Delphi method of data collection in order to conceptualize the needs of the community from the perspectives of experts within the group. An extensive literature review was completed in order to consider the existing sources which have addressed this problem or ones similar. Recruitment emails were sent to a sample of thirty clergy members from the Los Angeles region of Coptic Orthodox churches. Three rounds of surveys were administered to the sample over a period of three months. Thematic analysis was conducted after each survey round. Results indicated community expert agreement that mental health needs within the community have grown in recent years and that professional treatment, increased mental health awareness and education within the community, and de-stigmatization of the field are needed.

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Needs Assessment; Delphi Technique; Coptic Orthodox Church; Mental Health


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