The purpose of this project was to gather the perceived experiences of high school students in terms of their mental health while attending Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) academies. The rationale for this qualitative needs assessment was to learn about how the identified mental health conditions are being attended to and what mental health resources or supports are needed at the academies. Forty-six participants were recruited from the Pacific Union under the North American Division Office of Education (NADOE). An anonymous, 20-minute online survey was completed independently by participants in which they were guided to select one of four roles: administration, direct school personnel, support staff, or high school “alumni” of SDA academies. Participants completed an eligibility screening, provided demographic information, and completed a needs assessment survey specific to the role selected. The data was organized and coded to lessen identifiability. Data analysis was conducted through a thematic analysis approach. Four recommendations were developed for the Pacific Union and the NADOE based on the results of this project. The results and recommendations hold the purpose of contributing to future program development, implementation, evaluation, and needs assessments to attend to the mental health of high school students in SDA academies.

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Needs Assessment; High school students--Mental health services--United States.


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