Currently the United States faces a homelessness and affordable housing crisis further exacerbated by economic recession and the COVID-19 pandemic. Homelessness and housing insecurity disproportionately affects women and children, African Americans and other racially marginalized groups. Federal government disinvestment in the production of affordable housing units has led to a steep decline in stock. The U.S. history of class and race discrimination continues to impact affordable housing production through exclusionary zoning laws. In urban neighborhoods religious institutions possess both land and social assets. A growing number of religious congregations are engaged in developing under-utilized land to create affordable housing. Congregation affordable housing development occurs in partnership with a developer. Prior research studies have acknowledged the need for more systematic methodology to capture the complex nature of faith-based development partnerships and practices. This research study will describe the scope of the housing problem and the impact of government housing policies, through the historical lens of racism and segregation. A review of the literature on the phenomenon of congregation affordable housing development confirms a current gap. Research aims are to examine successful congregation affordable housing development practices and ask how do they compare to urban planning indices for achieving social impact? Secondly, what role does the congregation social capital play in the development process? This study will identify the barriers congregation development projects encountered and explore successful strategies. A convergent mixed methods research study of 33 congregation partnerships will be presented.

Keywords: congregations, faith-based, affordable housing development

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Faith-based human services; Affordable housing--United States



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