The survival/adaptation of Fillifactor alocis, a fastidious gram positive asaccharolytic anaerobe in the inflammatory environment of the periodontal pocket, requires an ability to overcome oxidative stress. Moreover, emerging observations suggest its pathogenic characteristics are highlighted by its capacity to survive in the oxidative-stress microenvironment of the periodontal pocket and its likely ability to modulate the microbial community dynamics. There is still a significant gap in our understanding of F. alocis mechanism of oxidative stress resistance and its impact on the virulence and pathogenicity of the microbial biofilm. The pathogenicity of F. alocis may be impacted by its response to oxidative stress in the subgingival crevice and understanding this stress response mechanism is key to providing insight in the pathogen’s role in disease onset. This project traverses the current understanding of F. alocis, and primarily focuses on elucidating the role of the FA1654 protein in the oxidative stress machinery of F. alocis. The data obtained indicates that the FA1654 protein may function as a DNA starvation and stationary phase protection protein (DPS), that can modulate Fenton reaction- mediated oxidative stress via iron sequestration.

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