This study aimed to evaluate the force (F) and torque (Tq) exerted on a rotated canine and molar tooth by two different aligner systems. An ArchForm loop clear aligner (AFL) was compared to a traditional clear aligner (T) with the force (F) and torque (Tq) compared. A reduction in F and Tq with AFL aligners could possibly decrease the incidence of Orthodontic Root Resorption (ORR), while also creating more effective forces for tooth movement.

Materials and Methods

Two types of T aligners varying by material thickness were compared to two types of AFL aligners varying by loop width. All aligners were designed by ArchForm Design Software. A maxillary canine and molar were tested separately with both F and Tq in the X, Y and Z axis evaluated. The test tooth was cut out of a study model and mounted onto a load cell. The aligners were individually placed over the study model, the test tooth was rotated 2 degrees mesial-buccally (MB) and the force values were recorded.


To differentiate test results based on the X, Y and Z vectors of force and torque, ANOVA tests were performed. To further compare each aligner type to each other a Games-Howell Post-Hoc test was run. Statistically significant differences in F and Tq were seen among aligner groups for each tooth type and axis.


1) There was statistically significant difference in F and Tq among aligner type for each tooth type and axis. 2) AFL aligners showed a statistically significant reduction in F and Tq when compared to .040 T aligners as well as in the large majority of .030 T aligners 3) The difference in the width of the loop within the AFL aligners had a statistically significant effects on the large majority of the F and Tq values. 4) The difference in the material thickness within the T aligners had statistically significant effects on all of the F and Tq values for molar teeth. 5) Further studies are needed to truly see the clinical significance and benefits of this novel aligner design

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